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Theater Series Auditions

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Pump Boys & Dinettes
Monday, February 10, 2014 - 1 p.m. - 8 p.m.
SPT 7      2013-2014 Salary Pending ($434 - 2012-13 Salary)

The Arts Center of Coastal Carolina is holding Auditions for “Pump Boys and Dinettes” on Monday, February 10, 2014 from 1:00PM - 8:00PM. By appointment only.

Arts Center of Coastal Carolina
14 Shelter Cove Lane
Hilton Head Island, SC

Auditions for “PUMP BOYS AND DINETTES”, the Arts Center of Coastal Carolina Spring musical production are Monday, February 10 from 1:00PM – 8:00PM. The production will be directed by Robert J. Farley from Atlanta’s Georgia Ensemble Theater where has been the Artistic Director since 1992.  He has directed at theater such as the Alaska Rep, Alliance Theater Company, Theater in the Square and he directed the Arts Center’s “Driving Miss Daisy”.

Rehearsals for PUMP BOYS AND DINETTES begins on May 27, and performances run from June 17 – July 27. Actors must be available for all rehearsals and performances.

Auditions are by appointment only. Performers should prepare a song either from the show or in the style of the show. Please bring your musical instrument if you have one to play.  A piano and an amp will be provided.

Bring a picture and resume, stapled together. A monitor is not provided. Character descriptions are attached. For more information about roles and to schedule an appointment, call Gail Ragland at 843-686-3945 ext. 236 or email her at

Seeking for Pump Boys and Dinettes:  Seeking strong actors who have impeccable comic timing. All must be highly proficient musicians with an understanding of country music. All must be excellent singers with a wide range that can handle powerful solos and intricate harmonies with rhythmical precision. All should be able to move well and handle choreography with ease. Some tap experience is desired for L.M., Rhetta, and Prudie.

About the show
Pump Boys & Dinettes tells the story of four men who work at a gas station on Highway 57 in North Carolina, and the two sisters who are waitresses at the Double Cupp Diner next door. It is performed in a comfortable yet musically precise style that emphasizes virtuosity, range, and character. The four Pump Boys play instruments to a high professional level throughout, and the Cupp Sisters join in on percussion plus other instruments as able. All musicians should be able to improvise very well in a country, bluegrass, rock and roll stylings.

Actors who can play multiple instruments are highly desirable. Possible instruments include: Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Bass, Piano, fiddle, mandolin, banjo, ukelele, accordion, various percussion (tamb, shakers, also found objects/props onstage), and Dobro.


JACKSON (Male, 25 to 35) Traditionally, he is the lead guitarist (country style) of the Pump Boys. Referred to as Lover Boy, the ladies like Jackson. Jackson is a strong singer, able to sing tight harmonies, and mostly sings the top line in the music. Will be asked to prepare the song “Mona” from the show both vocally and on guitar.

JIM (Male, 25 to 35) The front man of the Pump Boys. Traditionally, he plays rhythm guitar (country style). Must have the ability to chat with the audience in a very easy way. The storyteller of the evening, he introduces us to the other characters. Jim is a strong singer, able to sing tight harmonies, and mostly sings the middle line in the music. Will be asked to prepare the song “Highway 57” from the show both vocally and on guitar.

L.M. (Male, 25-40) The piano player (country/honky-tonk style) of the Pump Boys. Also could play accordion. They say women gravitate towards L.M., but that only makes him suspicious. Strong singer, able to sing tight harmonies. Tap dancing skills are a plus.

EDDIE (Male, 30 -45). Bass Player.  Preferably Electric and Upright.  Eddie knows cars, car repair.  That's about it.  Quiet, shy, a bit dense--- but just might be the smartest guy in the room.

RHETTA CUPP (Female, 20 - 30) A Dinette who works at the Double Cupp Diner, and the older sister of Prudie. A mother of two, she remains single. Full of life, feisty, a firebrand who can sing, dance, and, of course, make great pie. Prefer ability to play instruments. Strong singer, belt and soul, and sings bottom line.

PRUDIE CUPP (Female, 20 - 30) A Dinette who works at the Double Cupp Diner, and the younger sister of Rhetta. Like her sister, she is also full of character and fun, yet quiet and shy compared to her older sister she can sing, dance, and make great pie. Needs to have percussive skills. Prefer ability to play instruments. Strong singer, mix, sings top line.

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